Top 20 Youth Entrepreneurs to watch in 2012

YHP Top 20 Young Entrepreneurs to Watch 2012


This list comes courtesy of the guys over at (YHP and YHP Magazine). It is a pretty good list actually with guys like Nick D’Aloisio, who has been making huge headlines with Summly, and Josh Buckley, who was 19 when he raised funding for MinoMonsters.

Here is the list in full (name and business):

Josh Buckley (MinoMonsters)

Nick D’Aloisio (Summly)

James Gill (GoSquared)

Lucian Tarnowski (Brave New Talent)

Maria Constantinescu (Slick Flick)

Ry Morgan (PleaseCycle)

Michael Korn (KwickScreen)

Emi Gal (Brainient)

Damian Kimmelman (Duedil)

Kevin Flood and Mike Harty (Shopow)

Chris Prescott and Daniel Noz (Fantasy Shopper)

Fiona Wood (Naturally Cool Kids)

Luke Hood (UKF)

Jack Smith (Vungle)

Joshua March (Conversocial)

Helen McAvoy and Naomi Kibble (Rocktails)

Mansoor Hamayun, Christopher Baker-Brian & Laurent Van Houcke (BBOXX)

Emma Sinclair (Target Parking)

Russell Whitter (Rate Your Player)

Rashid Kasirye – (Link Up TV)

Take a look at the full list at YHP via this link

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