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We think differently at the Next Bigger Better Society. We believe teenagers can be inspirational. We believe with the right guidance they can make a difference for themselves. We think teens are an incredibly valuable, yet undervalued group in our society, brimming with ideas, inspired “no barriers” thinking, and a “Can do if I knew how to” attitude. These are the new Mark Zuckerbergs, the new Daniel Eks, the future Sergy Brins. We believe with a little guidance, support, and mentoring teenagers can and will do the right thing.

It is for this reason that we created The Get Together Fund. A fund whose sole purpose it is to help teenagers around the UK, to get their ideas, their lives, them, off the ground. We are doing it because the government can’t and because the public want to help, but just don’t know how to.

We are now looking for applicants from teenagers who have an idea or a belief that they can do something with the right support. You can find out more about this at the teenagers page:
Click here to find out more if you are between 13 and 18

We are also looking for mentors to help support us and the teenagers who we believe have a strong ambition, idea or desire to succeed. If you are interested in mentoring you can find out more at the mentors page:
Click here to find out more if you are interested in mentoring or participating.

If you have questions which we haven’t answered here, please take a look at our FAQ page. If we still haven’t answered them there, then why don’t you get in contact through the contact form.

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